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Construction Benefits

The Benefits of Truss Construction

Truss building methods seem to originate around the 16th Century with Bridge construction

The modern timber roof and floor truss is a s self contained frame engineered and designed to give superior load transfer, whilst achieving economies in timber used and building time.

Today, factory manufacture and computer design assures accuracy "Hi-strength" and sustainability for modern building requirements.

Cyclone and Seismic Areas

The design and building method utilising truss style engineered components gives superior cyclonic and seismic capabilities. Variations can apply giving additional tie-down strength for extreme conditions.

Ed Piggot
Structural Engineer

Pine Timber the ONLY renewable building resourse

The timber we use in our framed and truss construction is harvested from renewable growth forests. Modern treatment methods for rot and insect ( termite ) attack is a tried and proven protection and is safe to use in domestic situations. ( Reference blue & c.c.a. )

Timber is the only truly renewable building material, with minimal climate impact. The use and regrowth of timber as a construction material is beneficial to the environment by its process in using carbon dioxide and release of oxygen, a process at its optimum in young, growing trees.

Timber Framed 6 STAR Energy Efficient Building

Our homes are designed and built to meet the new minimum 6 STAR Energy Efficient level, ( BCA CODE 3.12 ). By building with timber frames you are choosing the only real Green choice, by using the only renewable building resource treated Pine timber.

Timber framed construction in fact has one the lowest embodied energy levels available compared to all other construction methods used today.

The final design, orientation and postcode where your home is being built will determine any changes required to comply with 6 STAR Energy Efficiency. Once the energy efficiency level on your new home is met, you will save on heating and cooling costs in the long term life of your home. Our qualified sales people are available anytime to give advice on 6 star energy efficient building.